Poo Brain

What? An art blog

Who? Elora Que

Do note that most of these aren't by me and that I do give credit to these great artists!

I post here art pieces that I find beautiful and connect them with my life. What's up.


To those who followed this tumblr blog, thank you. It’s been more than a year since my first post and I don’t want to leave it open-ended so I’d like to formally say that I won’t be posting anything in here any longer.


What? Floating
Who? Kira Koroknai and Bence Bakonyi


"Is it possible to view space without positioning humans in it?"

What? Pyrography on Carveboard
Who? Guto Carvalho


I don’t even know how to skate or anything for I have a terrible sense of balance but I wish I had a board just to have this made for me.

What? Summer Shopping!
Who? Chloe Fleury


I swear it’s the beauty of paper, scissors, a bit of glue, and imagination.

P.S. Check out more of her works on her site. They’re all so pretty

What? A World With Coffee series
Who? Oliver Jeffers


This man must be one of my new favorite artists for his illustrations. There’s just something so natural about each one of them. Plus, his other works (paintings, etc.) reminds me of the picture books I used to get from my grandma.

What? Sweet Party
Who? Ariana Perez


I love the colors and the outlines in this one. It just looks so delicate, young, and feminine.

(I haven’t posted anything in a while. Hello, everybody!)

What? Theurel & Thomas (Branding-Interiorism)
Who? Anagrama


Branding merged with interior design. I love the mix. The macarons just literally pop out and become the highlight of the whole shop. Great marketing strategy, too, in my opinion.

What? Photography from the series “Unruly Habits”
Who? Alison Bettles


I don’t remember where I heard it but to a regular person’s point of view, some art pieces would look like trash. But to others who see it in the same light as the artist would find the story behind it. Why this certain item was placed in this manner, why the color was placed here, etc. Semiotics?

What? Polygons: Digital Art Series
Who? Chris Drinkwater

How do you even do this. @-)

What? Blossom Pink Circle Mini-Dress
Who? Alexander McQueen


I’ve always adored Alexander McQueen’s pieces. It was saddening and shocking to find out he passed away some time ago. I remember seeing his ala wildlife and adventurous exhibit online while they were still showing it in his website. Everything was beautiful and feminine. Every detail he designed was made to just fit to a woman’s curves and yet still having that space for freedom, that slight punch that would make his pieces unique.

If only I had £1,495.00 (plus shipping fee) I might actually get this dress. It’s pretty simple and I’m such a sucker for lace work. But mostly it’s because it’s from Alexander McQueen.