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Who? Elora Que

Do note that most of these aren't by me and that I do give credit to these great artists!

I post here art pieces that I find beautiful and connect them with my life. What's up.

What? Chalk Art Installation at TOMMY (Harajuku) [Tommy Hilfiger in Tokyo, Japan]
Who? Dana Tanamachi


Back in elementary school, we had calligraphy as our topic in art class. I loved calligraphy class. The way you’d make things look like they were prepared so well made me fall in love with calligraphy even more. Sooner or later I delved into lettering with Dana Tanamachi as my inspiration. I saw her in one of the magazines her work was featured in and her work made me remember how much I loved lettering.

This makes me want to paint one huge wall in my room in chalk paint. If only my siblings weren’t allergic to so many things. Maybe when I get my own place. Yeah, maybe.

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